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ECG Tour & Seminar at Labelexpo

Dr. Lankinen is the official ECG feature partner for organising a seminar and tour at Labelexpo 2023.

When you are going to #LabelexpoEurope2023 you can explore the #ECG with us! Our ECG feature partners tell you how to get better #Efficiency and #Sustainability with fixed color #ExpandedGamut printing. Join the trail and seminar!

Flexo’s Furture – ECG walking tour for selected guests visiting five ECG partner booths guided by Dr. Lankinen:
Tour-1: Tuesday Sep 12th at 10:00-11:00
Tour-2: Tuesday Sep 12th at 13:45-14:45
Tour-3: Wednesday Sep 13th at 10:00-11:00
Tour-4: Wednesday Sep 13th at 13:45-14:45

Get your promotion code to walking tours by messaging me. More information about the ECG feature:

Free ECG seminar on Automation Arena (11C17):
Tue 12th at 12:15-13:00
Wed 13th at 12:15-13:00
After the seminar you’ll meet all partners at ECG – Flexo’s Future stand (11A10).

With seminar and a special trail, we’ll explain transformation from spot colors to modern expanded gamut printing. Participants: #XSYS (3B24), #Siegwerk(7A11), #Nilpeter (7B40), #HybridSoftware (8B45), #SandonGlobal (11D33), #Tesa (11A26), #SunChemical (5E45), #Hamillroad (11B25), #Esko (3C60) and #Asahi (5A34)

Visit the ECG feature sponsor partner websites:
Hybrid Software
Sandon Global
Asahi Photoproducts
Sun Chemical