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TAGA Tech Talks On ECG

TAGA Tech Talks on 21st of July summarised the Expanded Color Gamut printing

“Increased Sustainability = printing with ExpandedGamut” as the conclusion of our discussion with Marek Skrzynski from CSW Inc. I was happy to watch his TAGA presentation on ECG, which also nicely summarises the Eco-Efficiency of my PhD Thesis.

Strongly recommend watching the webinar recording including a nice introduction by Dr. Andreas Kraushaar from Fogra on Multi-Primary Printing and additional content by Marek where every sentence contains valuable information on expanded color gamut printing.

The link to watch the entire TAGA Tech Talks video seminar of “Effective Implementation of Extended Color Gamut (ECG)” is here.

If you need help implementing additional EcoEfficiency with ECG, please contact me!