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Raising Sustainability as a Topic for Packaging Printing

Sustainability is an important part of expanded gamut printing.

During writing my Dr Thesis I noticed in 2017 that the Expanded Color Gamut, ECG, is not only more efficient but also more ecological than traditional packaging printing with spot colors. In other words, it’s saving ink, saving substrate, saving energy and eliminating solvents.

Even the ECG was in headlines and a hot topic in seminars, it all focused more or less on cost savings. Hence, I made a google search and was surprised to find out that the only connection between the sustainability and expanded gamut printing was made early 2000 with Opaltone. However, there were zero mentions about ECG’s sustainability after that.

Based on the previous findings I started to promote the sustainability linked to packaging printing eco-efficiency and since 2020 sustainability has been an important part of the system, world wide. Still, there is need for the actions towards carbon neutrality in packaging printing – and I am pleased to state that expanded gamut printing helps achieving these goals.

When you want to improve your current process, please contact me and together we will make the packaging printing more eco-efficient!