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Promotion of Dr. Lankinen

Dr. Lankinen was conferred in promotion on August 13, 20222.

Dr. Lankinen has completed his doctoral studies between the years 2005 and 2021. His topic was to evaluate the benefits and restrictions of the Expanded Gamut Printing in flexographic packaging printing. The company Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd was established as a spin-off based on these studies and experiences over the 16 years within the area of Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing of packaging.

This was highlighted with the doctoral promotion conferment celebration in August 2022, where 235 doctors and 14 honorary doctors of Tampere university were celebrated. According to the university: “The purpose of the conferment ceremony is to highlight the value of and respect for research and education.” The conferment ceremony video can be seen here.

The conclusions about the benefits of the ECG printing of Dr. Lankinen’s PhD study were:
• OEE increased by 42% to 85%
• Setup time reduced by 62% to 73%
• Waste reduced by 50% to 58%
• CO2 eq. reduced by 34% to 51%
• PMS gamut up to 91% with process inks
• TAC reduced 15% to 69%
• Number of inks reduced 33% in co-printing
• Total cost savings from 0,6 to 1,3 M€/press/year

You can always download for free the complete book “Evaluation of Expanded Gamut Printing in Flexography” here.