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PLFTA Seminar in Warsaw

I was giving a presentation with Stefano d’Andrea at PLFTA in Warsaw

March 18-20, Warsaw and Polska Izba Fleksografów! A fantastic opportunity to dive into the world of #Flexography and meet the people! Also me and Stefano d’Andrea will share insights and practical advices on implementing the #ExpandedGamut. – See you there!

See the full program:

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The #PLFTA seminar was very well organised and I really enjoyed being in Warsaw – Thank you Krzysztof Skrobot and the team! The program was very interesting, and also me & Stefano d’Andrea together gave a presentation about ECG implementation.

Some learnings and highlights from the week:
1) Flexo’s market share shall decrease by 1% from 2022 to 2027 (but grow by €2,2bn). 🙂
2) New innovation in aniloxes is based on wolfram, while also PU-inks are a hot topic.
3) #Sustainability stays as an important topic. Now we even heard that CO2eq. kg can be e.g. 2-24 kg depending of the pigment type.
4) Interesting presentation hearing Sylwia from Osborne Clarke – Poland (law firm) explaining the EU sustainability directives.
5) In the panel discussion the bright idea was “training the teachers” to flexo printing. – A clever approach for other countries also!
6) Colin from Sun Chemical opened the LCA and how Coca-Cola USA made the 1st LCA already in 1969/1970. – Wow!
7) According to Colin, 85% of the ink production’s CO2eq. emissions are coming from the Scope 3 emissions.
8) Małgorzata Szczotka from CMC, showed a nice case about #ECG and its’ benefits. So yes, #ExpandedGamut is implemented in Poland also!
9) Now we also know how often to clean the anilox for stable printing, thanks Daniel / Flexo Wash!
10) #PLFTA not only knows how to organise an excellent seminar, but they also know how to make a party & fun! Thank you, and happy birthday Krzysztof!
11) Additionally, a special recognition to Stefano for your excellent 2x 1,5h presentation about problem solving in flexo! 👏

Thank you everyone, it was nice to meet old and make new friends!

A fresh #ESG summary from #PLFTA seminar: 85% of CO2 comes from #SCOPE3 also in printing ink production, correlating with typical values (80-95%) in the total FMCG sector. Also very interesting, that different pigments have significant carbon footprint differences (up to 1200%).

The Polish flexo seminar in Warsaw was very well organised last week, and today even sustainability topics are an important part of each seminar. It was nice to see increasing detail in Scope 3 emissions data (based on SBT) and CO2eq. values, while previously we only had some first rough averages.

I see the industry going to deeper into details and providing more specific data, which is very helpful for us all working in this field and chasing improved sustainability. – Color matters, and now we know that even different pigments show different footprint.

– Thanks to Sun Chemical sharing their expertise in making the printing inks!

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