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Gravure printing goes ECG

Who said it’s impossible!? Gravure printing goes #ECG! Read Ansgar Wessendorf‘s excellent article here on how gravure fights price pressures and achieves shorter product launch times with #ExpandedGamut. Optimizing gravure printing means reducing setup times, cutting ink consumption (ca. 30%), minimizing startup waste (ca. 50%), using fewer gravure cylinders… 

Once again, this highlights the benefits of ECG: flexibility, speed, possibility for smaller runs… Standardised ECG reduces downtime (no color change when setting up a new job), and most important: color matching take place in pre-press before the jobs go to print. As predicted: consistent color stability, precise repeatability, and the best part – regaining the #sustainable competitiveness!
– Congratulations, well done #Wipak!

I was not part of this project, but in case printers and brand owners need help in implementing ECG method into use in flexo, offset or gravure printing, feel free to contact me!