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Flexo Press Verification for Eco-Efficiency

Press verification on SOMA Optima2 for eco-efficiency
Flexo press verification was made in June 2022 on SOMA Optima2 flexo machine in Lanskroun at Czech Republick for Segers & Balcaen NV. In picture from left Paul Balcaen (S&B), Kai Lankinen (Dr. Lankinen) and Moreno Melegatti (Soma).

In order to test and verify that a flexo press works as promised and expected, Dr. Lankinen helped Segers & Balcaen to made press verification runs on SOMA Optima2 at SOMA in Lanskroun, CZ.

The machine capability was tested and it was proven that the change-over was quick, quality was reached at the top speed and the setup waste was minimised. The tests were made successfully and targets were reached.

When you want to improve your current process, please contact me and together we will make the packaging printing more eco-efficient!