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ECG Big in Japan?

#ECG big in Japan? IMO, there’s a big potential for #ExpandedGamut printing in Japan and Asia. Thank you for giving me a glimpse over the local packaging printing market Yusuke-san, Yuji-san and Koji-san. We’ve had excellent discussions and I see that Asahi Photoproducts has many benefits to share with the repro houses, printers and brand owners.

Future of packaging printing in Japan and Asia? Just returned from Tokyo and was wondering how some of the packaging were printed… guess what!? All these are gravure printed! It’s been long since I last time saw carrier bags, cardboard boxes and many other flexible packaging gravure printed. I’d have bet that many of these were already flexo, but no, not yet.

What do you think, when is gravure, offset or flexo preferred? And what shall the future printing development be in Japan and Asia, and why?

Details 01: This was nicely printed in gravure with CMYK + White inks, showcasing excellent register accuracy. In average, the registration accuracy was 160 my. Efficiently executed without spot colors as a brand product, using typical 72 lpcm (182 lpi) gravure screening. All in all, very nice! And if you ask me, I’d say that this could have been printed in flexo as well.

Details 02: It’s good to notice that brands have different color priorities and tolerances on various areas of packaging. According to this example, the red brand color (spot color) on outer pack (paper) and inner pack (BOPP) have color deviation of dE00=8,08. On outer pack the brand color is printed with spot and YMK with the deviation of dE00=4,31. The color differences are visible, but obviously still acceptable. Both the pack of packs (outer pack) and single packs (inner packs) are gravure printed.

Here are also some details of gravure printing and flexo printing with 50x magnification. We can see the smearing and register issue also visible on gravure printed samples, as also known in flexo. In this case the flexo samples have no smear and the register accuracy is excellent.