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Representating NIX Spectrophotometer in Europe

Dr. Lankinen has started as a representative of Nix Sensor Ltd. spectrophotometers in Europe and beyond

CaptionDr. Lankinen has started as a representative of Nix Sensor Ltd. in Europe and beyond for the Spectrophotometers.

NIX Sensor Ltd., an award-winning color measurement device manufacturer from Canada, is a high-tech company known for both its product quality and design. NIX has been developing color measurement tools since 2013.

Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd is a consultation company founded in 2022. It is specialising in helping brand owners and packaging printers implement expanded gamut methods (ECG) for better eco-efficiency of printed packaging. Dr. Lankinen has over 20 years experience in packaging printing and collaboration with international printers and global brand owners. Dr. Lankinen is now representing the NIX Spectro 2 device and other NIX devices in Europe and other designated areas.


The two companies were connected through the new NIX Spectro 2 device, which is a full scale spectrophotometer packed with the latest color measurement technology. The product design has received many awards, among others the prestigious Red Dot award. In particular, the device makes spectral color measurement easy, affordable and mobile. Accordingly, it’s very suitable to measure, for example, deltaE color difference of various printed packaging materials. More information about the NIX Spectro 2 can be found at

Commercial Director Terry Newton of NIX Sensor says: “NIX has established a tradition of delivering quality color measurement products at affordable prices and we continue to push the boundaries of how and where our devices can be used.  Dr. Lankinen has established a tradition of delivering sound color delivery advice and education to all levels of color specifiers. We are happy and proud to welcome him to the NIX team. NIX looks forward to working with Dr. Lankinen to continue our collective efforts to best serve the color industry.”

Dr. Kai Lankinen continues: “I have seen and used many color measurement devices, but since getting familiar with the NIX Spectro 2, it has been my favourite portable spectrophotometer. I am very pleased to represent the NIX instruments in Europe. I am also looking for end users and resellers for the device in this region. The device offers great benefits due to its several high-quality properties and mobile connectivity combined with the affordable price.” Dr. Lankinen welcomes companies interested about the NIX Spectro 2 to connect with him to learn more about how the device can deliver optimal benefits in their environment.


Dr. Kai Lankinen
Founder, Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd
Tel. +358 50 4277616
Email: kai.lankinen[at]
Terry Newton
Commercial Director, Nix Sensor Ltd.
Tel. +1 905 973 5003
Email: terry.newton[at]

Do you want to purchase a NIX Spectro 2 device or became as a reseseller? Please contact me and let’s make the color measurement more efficient!