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Dr. Lankinen consulting established

Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd helps packaging printers, brand owners and OEM companies to become more efficient and sustainable

The Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd consultation company was established on 1st of February 2022 to help international packaging printing industry companies on productivity, sustainability and innovation. It is based on over 20 years experience in high-quality packaging printing, prepress and training. As a result of long experience in working together with packaging brand owners and printers the consultation offers efficient and easy way to improvement in efficiency and ecology.


  • Consultation to achieve higher productivity and efficiency, better quality and more sustainable packaging printing
  • Promoting innovation, profitability and growth by implementing the Expanded Gamut Printing methodology
  • Improving process control and process stability

To Whom

  • Packaging printing company owners (people, companies, capital investors)
  • Brand owners

Above all, efficiency and sustainability are needed for successful business. However, the consultation based on experience and knowledge is a better way than trial and error. Therefore, Dr. Lankinen Graphic Innovations Ltd offers an easy and quick way to improve economy and ecology.

When you want to improve your current process, please contact me and together we will make the packaging printing more eco-efficient!