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Decades of The Expanded Gamut Printing

The images shows ECG development and some implementations over the decades

I’ve compiled #ExpandedGamut tool and product publications from the past decades from public sources with the help of colleagues –Thanks for the support!. #ECG use is not a new idea, but only since the last 10 years the technology has been ready for easier implementation.

We have had good discussions in LinkedIn. Please, visit the page and share your comments, experiences and examples to enhance our knowledge. Thanks!
Link to discussions:

Explanation to abbreviations:
– HEXCHR. = Hexachrome
– OPALT. = Opaltone
– FM6 = FM6
– SPTLSS = Spotless
– EQNX = Equinox
– ZPRA = Zepra
– OPCLR = OpenColor
– ALWN = Alwan
– ORIS = Oris

When you need help in implementing the #CMYKOGV into your process, please contact me!

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