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Collaborating an Ice Cream box

Who dares to print 64 lpcm (162 lpi) #ECG post print corrugated!? Well, it was a great pleasure to be part of this project and the results are stunning. Read the details how the #Sustainability was improved and how the #ExpandedGamut on corrugated post print was exceptional.

Thanks to the team for making this project as smooth as the Pizza box! No negative surprises, only positive ones that surprised me personally again:

1. Sustainability: Virgin fiber packaging really has a lower CO2 footprint than recycled ones, that was visible in both the Pizza box and this Ice Cream case.
2. Quality: The top liner provided an excellent surface for perfect printing, that is ideal for detailed quality prints like these Ice Creams. The printed dots were 100% perfect, just like “book examples”.
3. Details: The 64 lpcm (= 162 lpi) screen line resolution proves the substrate’s performance in corrugated board, and Adara’s ability to achieve this with only 4 process colors is stunning. This quality level is exceptional even in any other packaging printing.

In summary, the project was again well-planned by professionals, and delivered exceptional results. Thanks to all partners for another swift and enjoyable experience! 👍
#ECG #Sustainablity #Perfect

You can read the whole Metsä Board story here with more details.

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