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CO2 and Sustainability at FXC

Carbon footprint sources in packaging printing were showcased at Flexo Xperience Center in Atlanta.

There was a good #ExpandedGamut seminar at Flexo Xperience Center in Atlanta on June 13th. Well organised, a lot to see, a lot of peer experience, good discussions. I recommend to make a visit there when possible! It was a full day with inspiring #ECG presentations, fascinating demos and an excellent panel discussion. Feedback says it all: “unusual, how openly everyone was sharing experiences”, “a very positive event”. – I feel that everyone was having the same positive agenda – improving packaging printing efficiency and sustainability, #MovingFlexoForward together.

It was also a great pleasure for me being part of the event and speak about my favourite topics “The Reality of ECG – Going Beyond the Myths”, including the #Sustainability angle. MacDermid Graphics Solutions, SOMA and other FXC partners made a good job, it was a great event – thanks for organising this and looking forward to next events!

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