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An ECG Trip to South Africa

I learned a lot during my visit to South Africa for giving seminar presentations at FlexoFrontiers2024 conference in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

The #ExpandedGamut‘s point-of-no-return has been exceeded in SA, and there’s no turning back!

I had a fantastic week at #FlexoFrontier2024 with #Polyflex and partners in South Africa! I presented global trends and Expanded Gamut status in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town connecting with 200+ printers and brand owners. I was very impressed by SA’s 1st-gen #ECG implementation and I’m sure it will soon be in its 2nd generation, boosting efficiency, quality and flexibility. Based on my local experiences, I can boldly state: “The SA market surpassed #PNR, as the 1st country in the world!”

IMO, SA’s #1 ECG implementation status is based on:
1. Long history with multicolor process printing, ever since #Opaltone
2. Cost-sensitive market driving companies to better and more efficient solutions
3. Effective collaboration among partners (prepress, printers, brand owners)
Well done! There’s no turning back – only the efficient printers will survive!

What do you think, where ECG has reached the PNR?